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ServiceGate is a HelpDesk class system. Our product is designed to automate the helpdesk serving customers and employees of the organization. ServiceGate allows you to increase work efficiency by maintaining a single database of requests, monitoring the quality of service and timely resolution of requests.

What is ServiceGate?

Why customers choose ServiceGate?
  • Simple functionality
    For comfortable work, ServiceGate has created a simple interface without complicated additional functions. Your customers and employees will learn how to use it the first time!
  • Configuring SLA settings
    Possibilities of setting individual SLA parameters for each service, such as service availability time, response time, time of interaction between departments (OLA)
  • Multi-channel
    Registeration and process of applications as quickly and simply as possible. Applications are accepted through several communication channels: personal account, e-mail, telephone, telegram bot.
  • Reporting
    The ability to receive more than 10 types of reports for analysis and decision-making: incident report, service quality report, employee workload report and other reports
Owners of Commercial Property
A convenient system for owners or managers of business centers, shopping centers, shopping and entertainment centers, water parks, swimming pools, etc. You can accept requests from tenants and visitors for cleaning, replacing furniture and equipment, allowing vehicles to enter the building, renting rooms for meetings and conferences, and other types of applications.
Benefits of implementing ServiceGate:
- Increasing the speed of processing applications due to the control of execution and automatic distribution of the load on employees;
- Fixing each request will help to avoid disputes and disagreements with tenants;
- Reports will allow you to analyze the requests of tenants and plan the repair of the building, the purchase of funds and other activities;
- Expanding the list of services provided based on frequent requests from tenants and clients.
Medical Organizations
Universal system for warehouse managers, nurses responsible for housekeeping in medical centers, family clinics, dental clinics and other medical institutions. ServiceGate will automate the procedure for accepting applications for the issuance of sanitary facilities and other inventory items.
Benefits of implementing ServiceGate:
- Reduction of costs due to the transparency of the procedure for issuing sanitary facilities and goods and materials;
- Keeping records of applications in electronic format facilitates the inventory;
- Collection of data for analysis and planning of purchases of sanitary facilities and goods and materials.
Service Organizations
A simple solution for service stations and organizations engaged in the repair and maintenance of household appliances, computers, telephones and other equipment. Use our HelpDesk system to organize work with clients and improve the quality of service. Without a unified fixation system, applications can get lost and not executed on time. The presence of such a system has a positive effect on the company's reputation and helps to reduce administrative costs.
Benefits of implementing ServiceGate:
- Reducing the load on operators or the call center by accepting applications through a web browser and by e-mail;
- The ability to track the degree of customer satisfaction by assessing the quality of service;
- Increasing the speed of processing applications due to the control of execution and automatic distribution of the load on employees;
- Data collection for analysis and planning of purchases of spare parts and accessories;
- Assessment of the workload on employees based on key performance indicators.
IT Companies
ServiceGate is an excellent solution for software developers, startups, IT and telecommunications service providers, etc. Our system allows you to manage requests and get feedback from customers on the company's products and services. ServiceGate is also suitable for organizing technical support within a company. Accept requests for bug fixes, new feature development, invoicing, and additional services.
Benefits of implementing ServiceGate:
- Reducing the processing time of applications due to the classification and distribution of applications by support lines;
- Identification of critical errors at an early stage;
- Improving the quality of service and customer satisfaction by monitoring performance;
- Evaluation of the work of employees based on key performance indicators;
- Obtaining feedback to improve the company's IT products and services.
Trade Companies
ServiceGate is suitable for trading companies (FMCG) that supply goods from the point of sale, whether it is a store, kiosk, restaurant, cafe or other type of business. Accept orders for the supply of goods through your personal account and by e-mail. Your customers will now be able to place orders not only through sales representatives, but also directly at a convenient time for them!
Benefits of implementing ServiceGate:
- Increasing sales due to an additional communication channel;
- Reducing the processing time for applications from sales representatives;
- Improving the image of the company;
- Reducing transport costs;
- Viewing the history of applications from the client;
- Analysis of customer needs based on reports.
Competitive Advantages
  • Cross-platform
    Support for popular operating systems Windows, Linux
  • Integration with LDAP
    Automatically download data from the organization's user directory service
  • Centralized architecture
    - A browser is sufficient for the work of operators and service customers;
    - There are no additional costs for deployment, updates and support on the user's workstations
  • Possibility of customization
    - Completion of the system under the individual requirements of the Customer;
    - Branding of the interface under the corporate style
  • Experience
    More than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of IT solutions
  • Perpetual license
    Payment is made once. The product passes into the permanent use of the company
Application registration

How ServiceGate works

Application classification
Application routing
Application processing by the Operator
Sending a response to the Client
The client submits a request.
The Operator analyzes the application and prepares a response for the Client.
The Operator analyzes the application and prepares a response for the Client.
The system performs routing of the application and appoints the responsible Operator.
The system registers the application and sends a notification to the Client.
The system classifies the application.
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